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World’s longest & highest Cable Car Project to be launched by KPK Govt

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Pakistan: According to a news source, The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government plans to build the World’s largest and highest cable car project in the Kumrat valley of the Upper Dir district.

At the meeting, permission was granted for a full feasibility assessment and engineering design. Chief Minister Mahmood Khan chaired a meeting of the Tourism Department when the decision was made.
According to the planners, the projected cable line would be the World’s longest and highest cable car, attracting eight million local and international tourists to the province. The 14-kilometer project will link the Kumrat and Madaklasht valleys in Lower Chitral.
According to the session, the primary characteristics of the cable car project were described, and the projected cost was expected to be around Rs32 billion. Besides the cable car, there will be parking, a restaurant, and other services. He stated at the conference that the project would provide employment chances for residents and stimulate economic activity in the province.
According to documents, the cable car will probably cost Rs500 per person, and the parking facility will hold roughly 500 automobiles at a time. The project’s feasibility study would take five to six months to complete.
As per details, the cable car will travel at a speed of 6 kilometers per second, with each vehicle cubicle holding ten tourists per round. Roughly 30,000 tourists would be able to ride the cable cars each day, with each journey accommodating 250 tourists on a 38-minute round trip.

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