In Pakistan, most people are used only one way for the best future that is to save money. People keep gold or cash in banks; this is good but, it does not contribute to economic growth activities. The benefits of investments are not only profiting; it also ensures micro & macro growth. Both terms are entirely different, but these concepts are essential for every individual to understand. They could take the right decision that proves the better option for the future. Now read this complete blog because we will clear the difference between saving and Investment. Therefore you could make an easily correct decision.

Why Savings :

Saving is a process in which people save money from expenses. They thought that it would be used for future inflation, kid’s education, and any emergency. It is short-term, more liquid, and less risky.

Significance of Investment :

Investment means to put the money to create wealth for achieving long-term goals. Educated people and people in business know about the importance of Investment. That’s why people are investing in property. Now working class is also investing in real estate with flexible payment plans.

Saving and Investment are both beneficial. In comparison, your suitable and profitable Investment becomes you richer. Now, let’s start talking about such factors which make both terms different.

Understanding Saving & Investment :

Capital Required of Savings and Investment

Capital required means all amount which is needed for achieving the goal of the company and initial. Saving is far less than any investment. You can quickly begin to saving from money and gold at Rs. 1000 and one ring. After a specific period, you will have a sum of money and gold, which can be used for Investment for something or somewhere.

While for Investment, you will require a massive amount of money which is used for buying something. Therefore after some time, you will relax because you have enough money for the best future. So, in the end, you should understand that Investment has needed the high capital than saving.

 Liquidity of Saving in terms of Investment:

Saving and investement have varies liquidty.Saving is highly liquid because you can quickly cash when needed. On the other hand, liquidity is not easy usually when you invest in something. Saving is more liquid as compared to Investment. Due to this, you learn how to manage your need and wishes.

Saving is less risky than Investment:

When you start saving, then you are confident about savings. No one knows how much money, gold, and bonds. You are not investigating before Investment. That’s why it is less risky. Investment has high risk. You want high returns. That’s why you are ready for high risk. You must know before investing. Should not invest before any inquiry. Hard-earned money is not easy, so do not invest blindly in any stock, real estate, or particular business.

It has a short-term goal.  It is usually used for long-term goals.
Saving is less risky.Investment has highly risky.
Liquidity is so high.Liquidity is not easy when you invest.
High capital is not requiredHigh capital is required.


It depends on your situation and goals which option is better for you. If you want high returns, grow your wealth and have long-term goals. And you have high capitals. Then it would be best if you moved towards Investment.

The second option is to save. It is a less risky, short-term goal and does not need high capital required. Usually, Pakistani’s wives use this trick. Why are you laughing? It is reality. It is beneficial for future inflation, kids’ education, and daughter weddings, etc. And after savings, you can invest in the business, stock, and real estate.

Now, think about your objective, check the balance, and choose the better option.


In our country Pakistan, people grow their wealth by invest in real estate because real estate is secure, not higher risky, and ensures profitability. Now, the working class is also interested in real estate. The main reason is that real estate projects are begin developed with the latest facilities and luxury amenities. Do you have high capital and purpose for Investment? The best option for Investment is real estate. In every land sector, real estate offers commercial housing, farmhouses, etc.

Now, we have some excellent options for you.

Sixty6 Gulberg is a golden opportunity for all Pakistani, especially those who people live in Lahore. Earn up to 1 lac per month by investing 1.2 crores only, owning your luxury serviced apartment, and enjoy 15  days free stay at the hotel.

Times Square Mall & Residencia is also a good chance. You can invest in executives apartments on the Fourth floor. The fourth floor is also dedicated to the gym and coffee shop. Earn Upto  25-30 Thousand per month by investing only 45 lacs & own an executive’s apartments.

One of the best projects is Bedian Modren Village which has affordable prices only PKR 6,50,000 marla.

Hopefully, Now you will clear both terms, and you can make the right decision.

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