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Pro Tips to Capture Real Estate Listing Pictures

Pro Tips to Capture Real Estate Listing Pictures

As always picture speaks itself and in real estate first impression makes the deal final for both parties. The current era belongs to the internet where everyone hands for a while to search for their respective product reviews or best available deals in the market before they go for the purchase. That might hit a visit on visuals available on the internet representing your properties, which shows the buyer is interested in your land.
As of now, pictures available on Pinterest seem like perfection in class, somehow we wonder it’s real or just and visual designed and based on imagination. According to a study case done by a real estate photography agency, appealing pictures makes the Property sell 32% faster as compared to the property with average looking listing pictures. Similarly, correct visuals on the website increase the web traffic significantly by generating 139% more clicks in the listing.

-Don’t /Clutter Your Property-

Less is always more but making something perfect lies sometimes in terms of maintenance. If you are going to take listing pictures of your property make sure to de-clutter it a bit. First and the far most step to capture the most traffic location in your house like, kitchen. So make sure everything shines and gives a good feel in the listing image, avoid the cluttered and unorganized locations.
Next is the living room or Lounge. Clear all the mess and clean the tables, arrange the cushions on your sofa, if you have carpet on the floor vacuum it to clean and if you have marble or tiles on the floor mope it to looks fresh and clean in the listings. The idea is to show the neat clean and organized space that boosts your listing images to turns into a sale.

-Present your Home-

Always stage your house before clicking for listings; this can increase the chances of a successful sale by 1 to 5 per cent. What staging does to your client is create peaceful vibes to your buyers as they walk into the property and fall in love with that. This term is about allowing your buyer to feels like in the space they are looking for, this can be done by vignettes in every corner where you can put a bowl of flowers to gives the nostalgic feel. So the client can feel they are already living there.
-Inspect the property Before the Shoot-
If you are clicking the pictures of your own space yourself so you have a better idea about the salient features, however, if you are hiring someone else or a professional photographer it is better to ask them to visit before and feel the place.
Pay attention to every nook and corner of the house; take 2-4 pictures of every room and 1-2 from the front and same as from the backside. This will help you to look into these pictures and select the details of every space available and focus on these while capturing the final ones.

-Best Time make it Priceless-

The timing of a picture when it’s clicked is very curtailed because it helps in story building, a connection. The best time to capture the pictures when there is max sunlight available in the house to draw natural light resulting in natural bright photos. Make sure the sun lights up your property at the back, if it hits from that will choke the details. It’s better to avoid a cloudy and muddy environment.
If you are taking all the pictures yourself it’s better to observe your house in different seasons, how looks like in different seasons, might some other seasons is gives you the best detailed outer look.

-Equipment / Settings-

You might have done so many attempts to click a better one with your mobile phone but ended up without getting good results. It’s the little details that matter the most in every picture and make it look professional.
• DSLR with a wide lens
• Tripod and off Camera Flash
• Shutter speed between 1/60 and 1/2 second
• Aperture between F8 and F11
• Iso below 400 or 500
This set-list will help you to capture a good image will full of details to edit out as per your requirements.

-Wide Angle Lens-

Detail matters the most in every space of life, so in the pictures as well. While choosing the utmost important details for your pictures. If you are not buying a wide use for your camera then you might be losing an important gadget of your photography kit. The real deal is to must have a wide-angle lens. It also helps in capturing the wide angles detailed photographs from the narrow spaces. Thus, help to create an immense inviting look.

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