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30 Million to be invested in Real Estate by UAE-based Company

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Pakistan: According to the news source, On Monday, a United Arab Emirates-based real estate company, Diyár Homes Limited, will invest $30 million in Pakistan’s second major city of Lahore.
After six years, Pakistan has also established its first Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT). The country attempts to modernize its regulatory environment and give incentives to the local construction industry.
On Monday, Diyár Homes Limited co-founder Zeeshan Shah told Arab News from London that the development would set a new standard for Pakistan’s super-luxury real estate sector. The investment will be made in Lahore, where a site has been acquired in the main city for a waterfront development project.
Zeeshan Shah said that The Company was planning and waiting for the right opportunity to invest in Lahore’s prime real estate market for the last 24 months.
This government believes construction-related activities have a multiplier effect on the economy, has chosen the construction sector to stimulate the economy.

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